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Hanai Miri

Japanese Name : 花井 美理
Birthdate : October 15, 1984
Birthplace : Tokyo, Japan
Birth name : Miri Hanai
Measurements : 93-58-85 cm (37"-23"-34")
Height : 1.47 m (4'10")
Weight : 45 kg (99 lb)
Eye color : Brown
Hair color : Brown
Natural breasts : Yes
Blood Group : AB
Orientation : Heterosexual
Ethnicity : Japanese

Miri Hanai (花井 美理, Hanai Miri?, born October 15, 1984), is a Japanese gravure idol. She was born and lives in Tokyo, Japan. She is 147cm (4'10") tall and her measurements are: (Bust)93cm – (Waist)58cm – (Hips)85cm with a Japanese bra size of H65. Her feet are 23.0cm (9.1") long. She has type AB blood

She made her debut in April of 2003 (Reference: 花井美里, please confirm).
She made her debut in September of 2003, appearing in Bunkasha Publishing’s magazine ‘’まぁるまん’’. They have featured a number of gravure idols in various magazine media.
In 2004 she made guest appearances on various Japanese variety shows such as 音箱登龍門 and began to be an established gravure idol.
On June 22, 2005 she made her singing debut when GENEON Entertainment (ジェネオンエンタテインメント)released her maxi single "Premonition" in a CD+DVD bundle.
She appeared in Metal Gear Solid 3 in some posters.

Her hobbies are reading and karaoke.
She is good at making sweets.
Her favorite thing is watching vampire movies.
Her favorite colors are pink and black.
Her favorite food is 杏仁豆腐 (see Flavored Tofu ) - Almond jelly
Garlic and spicy dishes are her least favorite food .
In May 2007, Miri changed the kanji for her name from 美里 to 美理.
Premonition (with DVD) [Maxi] -2005/6/22

Hanai Miri shake!shake!-2006
H-concept Hanai Miri-2006
Hanai Miri you do it is-2006
Hanai Miri with you - On a journey –2006
Hanai Miri with you - graduation –2006
Hanai Miri - illusion H93 Knockout DVD+CD set of two-2006
Gothic Lolita-2005
Bust Out-Gorgeous-2005
Hanai Miri Climax-2005
Monthly Publication Hanai Miri-2005
DVD Magazine “melon girl” – Hanai Miri issue-2004
Honey Honeymoon - bride is H cup -2004
Hanai Miri Collaboration BOX – collection of images-2004
Hanai Miri CHiKU BiLL-2004
Hanai Miri Million Kiss-2004
Other DVDs - Only partially featured
GURADORU woman institute" complete collection 2-2006
Miri Glamour-2005
On a Pet-2005
Monthly Publication Hanai Miri-2004
Million Kiss-2004
First H-2003
Digital Media
Shake! Shake!-2006
Meet the Girl Hanai Miri PHOTO+MOVIE-2005
Juicy Flower-2004
On Parade-2004
Secret Rider-2004
Always H-2004
No Cut-2004
Hanai Miri movie vol.2-2003
Hanai Miri movie vol.1-2003
Sexy Pride-2003
HxH dynamite milk debut!-2003
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