Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Aki Hoshino

Name: Aki Hoshino
Profession: Actress, Model
Birth date: March 14, 1978
Height: 163 cm
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Aki Hoshino have rocketed the gorgeous busy idol to the top list of bikini stars in Japan today. Japanese called her Angel of Japan, because her is sexy babe. She was first place rank in Celebs that look best as beach side staff from Oricon's poll.

The current queen of gravure idols (girls who pose in raunchy magazines), Aki Hoshino, 29, unexpectedly showed up recently in breast enhancement advertisements for FBS salon.FBS is currently promoting a technique of gaining “ideal breasts” by exposing near and far infrared rays to breasts. Hoshino, whose ample breasts provide fodder for tabloids, has been hired as FBS' image character, leading many of her fans and people in showbiz to wonder why she was chosen by FBS.The 29-year-old’s measurements are 88, 56, and 87 cm. She has disproportionately large breasts, in contrast to her skinny body, so there has been a lot of gossip that her breasts are fake.But Hoshino has objected to such speculation. For example, last November, she underwent a MRI scan for the TV program “TV Champion” and revealed the results of her upper body. “If any silicon were in my breasts, it would show in the image, right?” she challenged viewers. “It is obvious that my breasts are not fake by looking at the picture.” Some doctors have even stepped up and said that they were indeed “real.”An acquaintance revealed to Shukan Post that the secret of Hoshino’s rich breasts comes from her diet. “Ever since she was little, she has been careful to consume lots of soybeans, natto and soy milk,” the acquaintance said. “She was a model in her high school days, and I heard that she has been eating soybeans everyday since.”Huge breasts can sometimes become problematic for a model. “Models who have breasts that are extreme in size are often avoided in the fashion world. That's probably why Hoshino wasn’t offered any modeling jobs for a long period of time,” said a fashion magazine editor.So what was a huge disadvantage for Hoshino in the fashion industry became an advantage when she gave up her modeling career, and turned herself into the gravure idol that she is today.How does she stay in shape these days? “I keep up with my daily ‘oppai taiso’ (breast exercise), holding and pressing my palms in front of my breasts,” Hoshino has said numerous times on TV and in magazines.But there is still a lot of snickering over her FBS job, with tabloids wondering if she was using the high tech to enhance her breasts.FBS denies this, however. “Our decision to hire Hoshino as an image character does not mean that she utilized our technology,” said a spokesperson for FBS. “Many of our customers look up to Hoshino. She has a pair of breasts that is ideal to many women. With that in mind, we thought she would be the perfect choice for our campaign and offered her the job.”A spokesperson for Hoshino’s agency explains: “We just took the offer like any other gig, nothing more, nothing less. Hoshino’s breasts and the technology have nothing to do with each other.”

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