Monday, April 14, 2008

Kanako Enomoto

Kanako married baseball player Kazuhiro Sasaki on May 9, 2005. They have a son, born prematurely on 29 April 2005. She also lives with her husband's two children by his ex-wife. Kanako's public activities have stopped as she devotes herself to home life, although she did appear together with her husband on Dospe on 17 June 2006. She recently gave birth to her second child.

Throughout her life, Kanako has practiced music and dancing, and she enjoys cooking. She published a cookbook of her favourite recipes in 2003. She also released a CD of her singing in 2002.


Here is a (partial) list of dramas Kanako has appeared in:

Kyanpasu nooto (Campus Notes) (1996)
Iguana no musume (The Iguana's Daughter) (1996)
Osorubeshi! Otonashi Karen-san (How horrible! Karen the obedient) (1998)
P. A. (puraibeeto akutoresu) (Private Actress, aka The Stand-In) (1998)
Kawaii dake ja dame kashira? (Isn't Being Cute Enough?) (1999)
Virtual Girl (2000)
Tadaima manshitsu (No Vacancy at Present) (2000)
Shoushimin keen (Petty Bourgeois Kane) (2000)
Fuudofaito supesharu (Foodfight Special) (2001)
Golden Bowl (2002)
Aruganon ni Hanataba wo (Flowers For Algernon) (2002)
Niji no kanata (Over The Rainbow) (2004)


Yurika-chan (1995)
Tokimeki Memorial (1997)
Inuneko (The Cat Leaves Home) (2004)

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