Monday, April 14, 2008

Kanako Enomoto

Nmae : Kanako Enomoto
Birthdate : September 29, 1980
Birthplace : Unknown
Height : Unknown
Weight : Unknown
Blood Type : Unknown
Measurements : Unknown

Kanako Enomoto (榎本加奈子 Enomoto Kanako, born 29 September 1980) is a Japanese actress and model.

Kanako first attracted public attention at age 12 when she was selected the Astel phone company's spokesmodel. By 14, she had become one of the many "J-Idol" girls with the publication of her first photobook, "Fourteen" (1995). She would go on to shoot several other successful photobooks such as "Edge" (1996), "Marugoto Kanako" (1997), "Michi" ("Road") (1998), "Koko, Soko, Asoko" ("Here, There, Over There") (1999) and "Meirai" ("Beautiful Woman") (2002). Throughout this time she appeared on the covers of magazines and shot videos that complemented her photobook projects.

In time, Kanako began to distinguish herself from the "Visual Queen" field by embarking on an acting career. "Little sister" roles gave way to action and comedy, and then finally mature roles that garnered critical praise. She won a "Best Supporting Actress" award for her portrayal of a mentally-challenged young woman in the drama series "Flowers for Algernon" (2002) and received universally enthusiastic reviews for her role in the feature-length art-house film "Inu-Neko" ("The Cat Leaves Home") which premiered in 2004. Kanako has also worked as a radio host for the Fuji network, as a television presenter, and has made many guest appearances on television talk and variety shows.

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